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I am still not getting hired. Can someone check my profile and why I am not getting hired?

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Jim S Member Since: May 23, 2017
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I have been with Upwork for quite sometime now. And yet, until now, I still am not getting hired. I have updated my profile several times, gone through some posts as well as help topics to get my profile and proposal to standards, but I just am not getting hired.

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L. S Member Since: Sep 17, 2015
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Hi @Jim S.!


You should add a video to your profile. Also I would go over your profile and try to cut down your intro paragraph by at least 40% the amount of text. Try sticking to two paragraphs max, if possible only one. 

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Avinash M Member Since: Nov 7, 2019
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Please do go through my profile as well, despite of submitting proposals, I am not getting any client,