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I am totally despondant

I don't know what to do. I've been trying this site out for a few years, went through the classes, and it still seems like I get lost in the mix. My mistake for getting an advanced degree in creative writing. I don't think would-be clients see my potential amongst all the rabble, and I think the system is flawed. Whenever I get a proposal, it's a scam. And I'm not even worthy to receive a "coach," whatever that is. This is horrible, and I may never write again.


Malcolm Cooper

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You were a teacher. Perhaps return to that. The sad truth is not many will be successful as freelancers. The site has been overrun with new hopefuls. Bidding wars have seen initiated. It's a huge mess.

Teaching is terrible haha 

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My son is a high school English teacher. He loves it. He's going for his master's at night. Perhaps it isn't terrible everywhere. 

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Your profile overview needs work - you've barely written anything there. Why isn't it more creative and better written? In your specialised profile, all you've got is one sentence, "I work with the client every step of the day. I usually do about three full drafts on a novel, working with the client on changes." It's not exactly gripping, is it?

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