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I didn't expect that kind of results in the first two weeks

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Ivars P Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hey, guys. Long story short. I'm a newbie here.


I registered on mid of December last year. Filled my profile with information and portfolio. And started to apply to jobs.


After few hours I got my first job. OMG. I was so happy and excited about that.


I made little bit detailed explanation about my first 2 weeks on Upwork **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Maybe you have some suggestion how to get more Hourly/rate jobs?


Best regards,


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Yoshua Yasmin S Member Since: Nov 9, 2016
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Hey Ivars, welcome!

Glad to hear that despite of you being new, freelancing at Upwork has been great for you!

One thing that I immediately noticed was that you got a critical thinking skill and the smarts needed to succeed. 


I don't think there would be much that I can share (maybe our community gurus can) - you seem to pretty much handle everything there is to it.


Would probably be able to offer some insight if you set your profile public though!

Either way, wishing you a continued success!