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I didn't get paid and I am a new user

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Mareev G Member Since: Feb 15, 2017
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hello everybody,


I am a new user in upwork and I dont know the process very well, yesterday i submitted a proposal for certain job and she asked me to do something and I did it and then she didn't reply or paid me anything.


can anyone explain to me what to do or what should I have done.



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Tauseeq A Member Since: Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Mareev,


From what I see here, it looks like that you were not properly hired for that Job by the client. Since you are new on Upwork, so I would also like to help you with some other basic things too. 


First of all, talking about the current case, the client may asked you to do that task as a sample or demo. You were not properly hired. Sometimes, the client asks freelancers to do a sample work for them to assess the capabilities of the freelancer. But Upwork recommends to get paid for any Test or Demo task that you do for the client. So you can ask the client to hire you properly.


If a client sends you an Invitation or starts a conversation with you, it doesn't mean that you have been hired by that client. Now there are three parties on Upwork platform:


- Freelancer

- Client

- Upwork


The procedure is simple, The client hires you & deposit the money into escrow, which is a payment protection system of Upwork. You complete the task, the client approves it & you get your Money. 


You don't complete the Job, the client asks for refund, you approve that request & money will be paid back to the client. Or you have another option here to file a dispute in case you don't want to refund as you think that you should be paid for whatever you have done so far. 


So in proper hiring procedure, you will receive a Job Offer from the client, it can be a flat rate or hourly job. In flat rate jobs, you request payment after the completion of a milestone, so you get paid at the end of the task & get all your money at once. In hourly job, you use the Upwork software to log the hours that you have worked on some specific project. Once you accept the job offer, you get hired through proper Upwork procedure & now you can start working. 



I hope that my answer would be helpful for you. 









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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Mareev: don't do any work unless you have a contract listed on your My Jobs page. That way you won't be tricked into doing free work.

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Mareev G Member Since: Feb 15, 2017
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yes, thank you so much

so in case its one time project or small one and should paid a the end, the client should also give me contract is that right?

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Lanie M Member Since: Jun 24, 2015
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Hi Mareev,


Before doing the job for the client, the client should've hired you first (hourly or fixed price contract). You may see the difference here. You will then receive a notification for the Job Offer then proceed to review and accept the offer. Once that's done, you will be able to find the Contract details under "My Jobs". The get paid, depending on the type of contract he hires you to do.


Hope this helps.

Lanie M
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Carolyn G Member Since: Mar 20, 2017
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Hi Mareev,


I understand it can be tricky, getting started on Upwork, and I am sorry you had a negative experience here. Could you please contact our customer support team at so that we can investigate? A client asking you to do work without a contract in place is against our Terms of Service.


The other users here have provided some information that should be very helpful to you, but I would suggest reviewing some articles in our Help Center, especially in the Getting Started section here:


Good luck!