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I don't have a question, do you?

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Gabriel F Member Since: May 8, 2017
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I kinda understand those who come here just to complain about how much jobs they submitted and didn't get any invitation to work, but it doesn't mean i agree with it at all.

1/2 Months ago after submitting for more than 60 jobs and not getting any contact by some client i asked my self '' Why people don't hire me?'' and that's where i started, finding a problem and solving it, Upwork isn't all about money at all, you need to work hard to create a strong profile, a strong skills section and the most important, a ''stronger you'' everyday you join this website.


I'm really far from being a successful Freelancer but right now what i can do for you is to give Some tips that helped me get my first job here.


1- look at similar profiles, people that have more experience than you in the same area and learn from them. but NEVER copy someone's profile or lie in yours, be yourself, put your real skills, the best skill you can have here is to be honest with the people that are trusting you to do something for them (and pay you).


2- PORTFOLIO: i mean, sometimes you don't need to be hired to build a Strong portfolio.

Just do your thing, go to some volunteer Website and help people that need your help, increase your skills and them put the finished job in your Upwork Profile's Portfolio and in the description tell where and how this was made, and how this made you a best Photo Editor or whatever.

3- first impressions, being honest just by the way you wrote that complain i would never contract you, seriously  it's nobody's fault but yours. what you gonna do about it? complain more?.

Keep your frustrations out of your job desk, you are a professional or a crying kid that can't handle not being hired?, did you realized that a client most of the time hires just 1 Freelancer for the task and the other 999999 that submitted to the work didn't get the job?. again. what, are, you, gonna, do, about IT?....

So every time you fail, guess what? EVERYONE FAILS at some points, what you just need to do is to use that to become stronger, learn from your mistakes, become better and better every time you fail, the best thing about failing is that you got something to do right now, So JUST DO IT!, Every time you get in that situation, just ask yourself, WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THIS, TO MAKE IT OUT, TO BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY? I'm **bleep**ing sure you will get a answer, and when the anwser come out your head just put it to work, MAKE IT, don't go cry, don't go play video games, DON'T. Just Get your **bleep** together and MAKE.IT.OUT.  you want a job? you have one, make yourself better and better and your paycheck will be a huge invitation to an interview.


I **bleep**ing love this site because it is like a place to prove yourself that you can do it!, that you can be better than yourself and get paid for it.


sorry for my english mistakes and good luck to everyone trying to make it out.

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Khadezatul K Member Since: May 1, 2015
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yes, I have a question that Why I am not getting jobs