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I failed to verify my bank account. What I have to do ?

I failed to verify my bank account. so, I remove that bank account info, and reworte back. 

Is it work? if no, what I have to do for starting work?

Thank you

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Hi Youn,

We've initiated 2 small deposits to your bank account, which may take up to 3 days to show up.Once you see those two deposits, enter it to your Upwork account where it says "Confirm two amounts here" so yout bank account will get verified. It also means, the bank information you have provided with Upwork is correct. You can start working while waiting for those deposits to reflect on your bank account.

~ Jo-An


I put that amount which from the up work, but it does not work. So I tried to remove my bank info, and then I rewrote same bank info again to get other amount for verification. But I still didn’t get any. It already pass 5 days....
what I have tot do?

Hi Youn,

I can see that you've updated your bank info today. Please note that since you've updated your bank info it may take up to 5 days for the new verification amounts to show in your bank from today's date.

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