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I finished a job, what happens now?

I've just finished a job. This was my first job. The client sent the money but it seems as "pending" when I check my balance, and when I check my profile, it seems as "job in progress". Also keep in mind that this was also the client's first job, so we both are discovering the features of Upwork newly. What must be done for having my money and also for client to be able to give me a feedback?

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If this was a fixed-price job, when your money goes into "pending" there is a five-day security period, and then it will go into your account and you can withdraw the payment. 

The job will be marked "in progress" while the contract is still open. So you could leave it open, or ask the client to end the contract and they will be asked to leave feedback, and you will get this option too.  


But you and your client should read the many help pages. Scroll down the page to "Help and Support" and you will see all the options when you click on it. 

But you can start here: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001189113

So even if the client end the contract, I'll have to wait for 5 days to get the money into my balance?  Because I don't think the client ended the job, his transactions are seeming as pending and after I finished the job, he said goodbye and left.

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It is not a problem.You will get your money within two or three days.It is a security method of upwork.If you have  more question please contact upwork support team.

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