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I have 64 open proposals. Is that normal?

Seriously. Even with "boosting" I haven't hd a client view since yesterday. Another 20$. That means I have to make at least 80 on my next job to cover what I've spent on connects in the last week. 



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welcome to my world. Ive been "interviewing" with one client for a week now - and still no contract or even a milestone!

Lots of talk-no action!!!

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Yes, new freelancers could have 50+ submitted proposals because they don't know how to properly best use the site.

But.. I'm not a new freelancer and I've never had this many open. Not when it was elance. not when reddit was popping. This is a sign more of spam bots. 


MY first week I got clients nearly every day. This happened around the 27th of feb when the spam happened. 

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Can I ask why your profile is not public?

That can greatly reduce views- but it also reduces spam

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