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I have a company that wants my checking information for payment. Is this correct or is it a scam?

I have just finished an interview and the company offered me the position. However, they wanted to know over the chat how I would like to recieve payment. I thought this section was handled in upworks. 


Please let me know if I am correct with the way I thought payments worked. 



Community Guru

This is a scam.  The client never needs personal information.  All payments must go through Upwork or your account will be suspended.  Flag the job posting as a scam and move on.


Be sure you read all the information available on Upwork for new freelancers so you don't end up making a terrible, terrible mistake.

Community Guru

If any company ask you for "How you wanted to get Paid"
Always answer them you wanted to go with Upwork Payment. 

When you choose get Paid via Upwork, you don't need to worry about disputes, Upwork Handles it well.

Whenever client assign you any fixed price contract. Upwork Charge them and secure payment in Escrow Account. So when you are done with your task client can release it from escrow to your account.

If any company try convincing you to settle payment method outside upwork, always stick with "Upwork". May be possible they will convince you by saying they just want to save fees but its not legal.

When you choose Upwork and If client don't pay when you are done with your task, Upwork got your back.

I hope this answers your query.