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I have my first contract but I don't know how to get paid

Hello! I just started my first contract. we agreed on an amount for 1 hour of class and I already gave the first two classes but neither my client and I know what do we have to do so he can pay and I get paid. 

I have been reading the posts and watching the videos but I still can't understand. Does it have something to do with the work diary?


Thanks for your help!


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Have you logged your hours? In your work diary, try to add your hours manually if you didn't track them during your classes. Once you do so, Upwork should clock your time and at the end of the work week, automatically bill the client for that time. 


Let me know if you need clarification on this. Good luck!



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Community Manager

Hi Adriana, 

If you have an hourly contract, you should log the time by downloading the Upwork App and tracking time while working on the contract. I would highly recommend that you track time, and add appropriate memo while working on a contract moving forward. 

You can add manual time so that he can be automatically charged once the work week is done, or he can issue you a bonus. Please know that both are not covered by the Upwork Payment Protection Program for hourly contracts.

Both you and your client may want to read the resources we have compiled for both clients and freelancers to help you get started. 

~ Avery
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