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I'm New and Just Wanted to Say Hello👋🏽

Hi there, I'm Von. I'm new to Upwork and just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm still getting familiar with things around here. I'm looking at profiles, portfolios, histories, and everything I can to get to the next level. Drop by and say hello sometime.


See ya!


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Hello Yvonne,
Welcome, Welcome. A carepack for you: 
Also be sure to check out the following:
- the ToS; payment protection, jobs not allowed
- Contracts and offers; what they look like here on UW and the two different types
- Connects; spend wisely

mhm, welcome to the community

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Hi Yvonne, 

As Luqman says, also do read Upwork's Terms of Service. If you scroll to the bottom of any page on the site you will find masses more information to help you. 

As a newcomer though, you may get invitations that ask you to pay up front to get a job, to buy equipment etc. These are scams, but all you need to remember is never to accept a job or communicate in any way with clients off site until you have an official Upwork contract firmly in place (This is one of Upwork's golden regs and rules).  Good luck with your job search and keep your wits about you! 


ETA: I've just looked at your profile and I see you are unlikely to get scammed - but it can happen!  Also don't agree to jobs much lower than your rates, even if you want to get your foot in the door. You will get the jobs, but it may take a little time. 

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