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I'm new to UpWork

Hello All,


I just started using upwork this week and need some help. I'm getting hits on my proposals, but they keep wanting me to go through Telegram to interview. Is this okay? I'm concerned about doing this when it's a payment not verified account. I want to work through upwork to make sure everything is being done on the up and up. 


Also, I would greatly appreciate someone critiquing my site to make sure I'm doing things as professionally as possible. I'm older, but still not always great when it comes to doing things profressionally.  


Thank you all in advance for your feedback and help!

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You are going through a newbie rite of passage - scammers lie in wait. Flag the job and move on. Telegram is the new Google Hangouts. 


Read these pages  to help you get started and particularly read "tips to avoid questionable jobs". https://community.upwork.com/t5/New-to-Upwork/Getting-Started-on-Upwork/m-p/264214#M2460


ETA: Unfortunately, data entry is particularly targeted by scammers (and it is a hugely overscribed category on Upwork). I have just looked at your overview, which I think is fine, but cut this phrase out: "It may not seem like I have a large skill set, but" ... This is too negative. Emphasize your skillsets don't denigrate them. 

I'm not familiar with Google Hangouts, but I thought something was off. I think I'll only try to work with Payment Verified accounts then. Thanks!
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