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I'm unable to change my hourly rate in my profile

I want to change my hourly rate, but there is no edit button next to it in my profile. 

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You should open your profile, place the mouse cursor on your Hourly Rate digits and you will see a pencil icon. Touching to this pencil open "Change Hourly Rate" window. Now you can change it.
Best regards, Vladimir

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bill,


You're an exclusive member of your Agency and can edit your profile rate from your Agency account, by going to Find Work > Agency Roster > checking the box in front of your name > selecting Profile Rate from the drop-down menu under Change Roster Settings > clicking Apply and Update Rate once you're done.


Alternatively, you can change your status to non-exclusive by going to your Agency account > Settings > Members and Permissions and editing your status under the Agency Freelancer column. This will allow you to change your profile rate directly from your Freelancer profile.

~ Vladimir
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same issue in my profile

Hi Ashish,

Please check on Vlad's advise on how to change your hourly rate. Let us know if this works for you.

~ Jo-An

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