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I need to change my Residential address (Location)

Hi, I want to change my country on this Upwork profile from the US to another one. Can you please assist me how can i do it?

Whenever i click to update my profile and update that page it refreshes but it is not updating the location. What should i do now?


Waiting for your response..



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Maybe not lying about your location and eduction in the first place would have avoided this problem?



I would contact support.  I personally had to provide a valid ID to prove my location.  Don't really understand your issue, but that's my advice.

How to contact support?

Sorry i didn't get you.

@Abdullah K wrote:

Sorry i didn't get you.

 What didn't you get? The fact that you should not have lied about your location and university or something else?


Any reason why you stole the profile picture of a lawyer in Israel?



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Please, refer to the notification the team sent to you directly and reply directly to it if you have any further questions.



~ Valeria

Its updated now.

Can you please assist me, how to change country (region) from my upwrok account?

Hi Abdullal,

I see you already have an existing Support ticket about this issue, one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible to assist further.


I also need to update my residential address, can some one help me please ?


Hello Rakesh,


Can you please send me a PM of your address so I can help you out? Thanks!

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