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I need to fill out an w9 through the Upwork platform - but there's a problem with the platform.

But when I click on the "Settings" button to fill it out and thus get paid, it prompts me to provide my username and password. The problem is that I log in using my Google Account and the page in question does not provide this option to sign in. My Google Password obviously doesn't work. This means I cannot get paid. 

When I contact Upwork Support, they keep responding to me as if I'm asking for my login and password. How do I make them understand the issues isn't that I can't login, its that the platform does allow for this contingency? 


David K. 


Hi David,


While you use Google sign-in from your Connected Services you still have a password on Upwork that we ask you for when needed. It looks like the team is assisting you with your login issues and they've just updated your ticket! Please see here



Yes. I have been provided with a temporary password for this instance of login difficulty. What about next time? Will I have to get a temp password from customer service each time it’s asks for my “upwork password?”

Not at all, David! Once your able to access your Settings please go to Password & Security to set up your Password and Security Question. That way, if you ever forget your password again, you'll be able to reset it using your Security Question without the need to contact support. Read more here.



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