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I recently joined Upwork

I recently joined Upwork over a month ago and I have still not received any jobs. In addition, my profile has been view 0 times. How do I improve my chances of getting job offers along with submitting proposals?
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Hi Alesha, I think one issue might be that your profile isn't very targetted. If you apply to a customer service job, the client sees "Math Teacher and Professional Writer" (or something of that nature). Why should they click on your proposal when they have dozens with titles related to customer service (or even better, a specific aspect of customer service)? Same for if you apply to editing jobs. You might consider really focusing on your strongest and most marketable areas. Is that math instruction and tutoring? Is that math writing? Is it academic editing as a math specialist? (Sorry I'm not more specific. I don't math, but you know what I mean!) 

Find ways to integrate or define your skills that don't make you look unqualified for the kinds of jobs you think you'd be best at. Craft your profile title and the first few sentences of each specialized profile to really hone in on the appropriate skills for the job. Then make sure your proposals do the same thing and are otherwise as informative and to the point as possible. These are the things a client sees before they get to your profile. You could also beef up your profile with some relevant projects, like previous editing or writing.

Thank you. I will begin to make the changes you suggested.
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