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I've not been paid for my work & I desperately need my money for my childs spine surgery please help

I did work for a client on her by the name of **Edited for Community Guidelines** . She wanted me to open a craigslist and a gmail account and post vehicles for sale on it. I've done all that I was asked to do. She implied via email that i would be paid on May 7th and I have not been paid anything. When I emailed her several times to ask what happened, she hasn't returned my emails at all but i see on the gmail account that i created that she's continued contact and activity. They have yet to respond to my emails and i'm now feeling like i've been taken advantage of.  I have deleted the gmail account and desperately need to be paid for the work that i've done because this money must go to my daughters spinal surgery which she needs as soon as possible.  Please help us.

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Were you HIRED?


Unless you were actually hired with a proper Upwork Contract on your "My Jobs" page, you won't get paid I'm afraid.


Making fake accounts is also a violation of Upwork's terms of Service. Craigslist posting jobs are also not allowed on Upwork.


Additionally you were also probably involved with selling cars that don't exist and if your details were attached to those adverts in any way (if they can be traced to you in some way), you could be in deep, deep (legal) trouble.


All the best to your daughter but you must urgently learn how this platform works before you apply for any more jobs here.


Is it real?Is it real?





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Hi Marion,

It doesn't look like you have a contract on Upwork with the client which would be necessary in order to benefit from Upwork's Payment Protection and to help ensure payment from a client.  When working with clients, it is imperative to have a contract on the Upwork platform with them and to be paid via the platform. Unfortunately Upwork is not able to assist in obtaining a payment from a client if there wasn't a contract in place to arrange the payment process on platform. I'm so sorry to hear that the issue regarding payment may affect your daughter.

I would suggest having a look at this thread which has helpful tips and explains proper processes as well as best practices for users just getting started on the platform and please also check out this thread for tips on avoiding suspicious jobs and scams.

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Marion, you worked for free.


You did not have a contract. You will not be paid anything for this work.


It is important for you to understand your mistakes and learn from them, so that you will not make the same mistakes in the future.

Petra already provided some valuable information about the nature of this kind of CraigsList "job."


One thing that I would add is that in addition to this almost certainly being a violation of CraigsList TOS and Upwork TOS, these kinds of "jobs" are usually posted by clients who have no intention of paying the freelancer. So even if you aren't worried about getting your Upwork account suspended, getting involved in this kind of thing would at the very least be a waste of your time.


CraigsList is a large and important website. There are legitimate reasons why a client would want to hire people to help them with their CraigsList activities. For example, a CraigsList user might hire a developer to interface their own system with CraigsList though the public CraigsList API. But such activity needs to be done within CraigsList guidelines/ToS. Unfortunately, you can't always trust a random stranger client's word for whether or not that activity is legitimate. A freelancer who provides CraigsList-related assistance should do her own homework and know for herself what is allowable and safe.

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Craigslist posting jobs are a scam. You need to close down the CL account and the gmail. Report the client to Upwork via CS. 


Sorry for your troubles. Be very cautious about doing work online, getting loans, etc. If people sense that you are in dire need, some will take advantage. 😞

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