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I want to be a member of US Military Vets Group. But I could not find any options for that.

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Stephen G Member Since: Nov 12, 2019
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Hello, Guys,


I recently found the US military Veterans group on upwork and I want to be a member of the group.

Is there anyone who can help me?




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Stephen G Member Since: Nov 12, 2019
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Hello, Upwork Team!


Can you help me?

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Stephen,


I apologize for the late follow-up. While the US Military Veteran's Group is still available, currently there's no option to join the group. We are looking into different ways of identifying and adding freelancers to the Veteran's group and will update the information on our website once we enable this option.

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Timothy S Member Since: Nov 14, 2019
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When and if that happens sometime hopefully in the near future, I'm throwing my name in the hat as an interested new member, thanks.!

Tim ❄ USAF "83-"91 🇺🇸
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Peter A Member Since: May 5, 2015
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Could someone tell me how to join the veteran's group?





Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Peter,


At the moment we are unable to add new members to the group but are actively working on a new solution. We'll definitely let interested freelancers know when that option is available. I have noted that you expressed your interest in joining the group. 

~ Valeria
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Dan W Member Since: Dec 3, 2019
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It seems that since there's still an option to limit jobs to this group (US Military Veterans) That a solution would still exist for new members such as those above and myself to play an active role in the community with a preference for those who'd like to work with us.  

The transitioning community from the military is large and with so many moving into non-traditional work roles, it seems a community such as upwork would be executing a strategy to engage them better.

In any case, should such a solution become available, I too would like to be added to a "waiting list".

US Army Retired 

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Christian E Member Since: Jan 5, 2020
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Please add myself to the list of Veterans wanting to be added to the US Military Veterans group.


I recently found a job post which I meet the criteria's and noticed a requirement of being in that group.


I was unaware of a group like that existed here in Upwork.




Veteran, US Marine Corps