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I want to be seen


I want to know how can I get Rising Star badge, I read instructions on Upwork help center and I did everything accordingly. And can you tell me how can I regularly submit proposals to projects relevant to my skill set if I need JSS 90+ or Rising Talent to apply for 95% of the jobs, and I have none?



Hi Uros,


The Rising Talent status is assigned automatically when a freelancer meets the requirements listed here. This process is working as designed and we can't specify a reason why a freelancer isn't eligible for receiving the Rising Talent badge. You may want to consider checking out these helpful blog articles to help you write winning proposals, improve your profile and tips on how to be successful on Upwork. Thanks!

~ Joanne

You are able to apply to any job you can do.  The JSS/ Rising Talent are suggestions, NOT requirements.  We all started at Ground Zero.  Make sure your profile and your proposals highlight your skills and your expertise off of Upwork.  It takes a while to get going.

Also - the client initially only sees the first two or three lines of your profile.  Same thing with your proposal.  Don't waste that space by introducing yourself!

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It can take a while to gain traction. Log into the platform a couple of times a day and submit proposals to jobs that look like a fit for you. Use your spare time to create samples for your portfolio and perfect your profile. Stay positive and know that you will eventually find client matches and build your work here. It's partly a numbers game and it takes time and not getting discouraged. Best of luck to you!

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