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Re: I want to report an abusive client

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Tilly G Member Since: Apr 11, 2018
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I wanted to report a client who used abusive language, tried to cheat me out of payment, manipulated me because they knew I was new to upworks (this was my first job through the site)  and was just generally a nightmare to work for. I don't think they belong on a site like this as their behavior was very inappropriate and unprofessional and I would like to spare any other freelancers from going through what I went through.

As I said, I am new to upworks and I didn't really understand the policy as far as contracts/payment - I do now and I see where I went wrong. This person insisted that he pay outside of upworks and through paypal 

I submitted the completed work four days earlier than promised and sent them a paypal invoice.

I got no response for three days after I sent several friendly texts and emails, and then received an email explaining why they thought I didn't deserve to get paid. I told them I would be happy to fix the "mistakes" I made (things like file names ?) but I would need to be paid as soon as possible for the 10+ hours of work I had already done. 

That's when they started with their childish and totally uncalled for insults and abuse. After 5 days I still had not received payment and I wrote about it on facebook (not something I usually do but at this point, I was desperate to be paid). Immediately dozens of my friends had my back and went after them. I was finally paid but not without receiving comment after comment shaming me, criticizing me, saying that my work was sub-par and I have no quality work experience, commenting to my friends and family, saying that I am a criminal and they should have done a background check on me (ive never been in trouble in my life haha) and just being a general nightmare. I told them I would be reporting him to upworks and they took all of their comments down- which were written on their business's account! This was a very negative experience and not how a business should conduct itself.

Again, I'm new to this site so I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this, but after going through that, the thought of them still posting job descriptions and going after other artists made me sick.

  **Edited for Community Guidelines**

( I have an amazing memory and I clearly remember them telling me that they had been in business for 18 years in India and this was their first year in America and I was the first photographer they had ever hired)  example of my friends standing up for me.  unfortunately, I didn't get more screengrabs before other comments were taken down. At this point I had not yet been paid contrary to their claims that I had.

Anyway I just dont want more freelancers to be subjected to this kind of mistreatment. 




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Nina K Member Since: Nov 29, 2017
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Hi Tilly,

Sorry to hear about this, I checked and can see that Upwork has talready aken action on the client.

Please note that it is against the ToS to be paid off of the platform. You can check out this article about how to Work With Clients on Upwork which provides information on all the steps to start working with clients. You may also find it helpful to check out this thread which has many useful tips and information for getting started on Upwork, and this thread for tips on avoiding suspicious jobs and scams.  Hope that helps!


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Tilly G Member Since: Apr 11, 2018
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Thank you! I will definitely read those threads and be more careful from now on!