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I worked a few hours but it says 0 Hours Logged

Hello all!


Before you ask - yes, I was using the desktop Upwork time app.


I'm new but I've landed some jobs that have been fixed price. I was just hired for a new job that was supposed to be small but has ended up being an entire website overhaul. So, I was hired on an hourly basis. I spent two hours on it this evening and used the app for the first time. It took screenshots - pretty nifty.


I used it as directed and added in what I was working on when needed. And then stopped it when I was done.


In my "jobs" section, it shows the contract but also shows 0 hours worked. 


Does this update weekly or is there something else I am supposed to do? Couldn't find the answer elsewhere.


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Also strange - when I click on my own profile, it says my profile is not public. I do not have it set to private, but I do have it set to only be shown to Upwork users. But it is showing as private which is strange. I can't view my own profile from here. 🙂

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Did you try going to the work diary and switching the time zone? See if your screenshots are there.

Does it say zero hours on the time tracker?

Edited to add: If you hadn't earned anything in one month before your current job, your profile will be invisible until Upwork recognizes that you've earned money, so as long as your client's payment method is verified, your profile should become public again shortly.
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It shows the hours on the time tracker and the screen shots. Thankfully. So in "My Jobs", next to the job is question, it says 0 out of 0 hours worked. But if I click on that, it shows the couple of hours in the next screen. 

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Regarding the profile not being public: I have read that it keeps it private if you haven't earned anything. But I have earned over $2,000 already. And it was showing as public last week. Might be a glitch in the matrix.

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I think it takes a little while for those hours to reflect on your profile, so don't worry, either tomorrow or maybe after the five-day review period your client gets. I'm not sure that it takes that long, but just in case it does, I thought I would mention it. I don't know how often mine update. I worked four hours this week (well, using the tracker, anyway), and I just refreshed my profile. It only updated one hour. The rest will follow; however. They always show up 🙂

Your profile would only be set to private if you set it to private, or if you didn't earn money in the past month. If you don't earn money for thirty days, Upwork automatically sets your profile to private, no matter how much money you've made on the site total. If you're willing to pay ten dollars a month to upgrade your account, your profile will never be set as private even if you don't earn money for thirty days.

Sounds like you double checked things on your end and you didn't set your profile to private. So I'd say to give it a day or two, then contact support.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rebecca, 

I checked your profile and it looks like the hours for your hourly contract is already reflecting on your Work History. 

I'll go ahead and clarify with the team if the profile page in the Community shows the profile link as "Private" if you've set your Upwork profile to Upwork users only. 

~ Avery
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Hello, I am having the same issue. I tracked the time in app and it still shows 0 in work diary as well as in app.

Hi Nima,


Thank you for reaching out. I can see that you've already raised a support ticket regarding your concern. You can access your support tickets here. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further.

~ Luiggi
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