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I would like to remove my company profile visibility from Google Search Index

I configure my profile private 3 weeks before but when someone search "OPSKUBE"  he/she still see my company profile in Google Search Index. How can I make it disappear.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Richa,


Thanks for reaching out to us. You will need to request this from Google so that this search result is removed. You can submit removal requests through your own Google account. The Google Removal Tool is used to request that information be removed from Google web and image search results. You may request this through this link.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Is there a way to operate an agency on upwork and NOT have that agency indexed by google? Private mode for agencies? If so, how?

Hi John,


An Agency's visibility depends on the visibility setting of the Agency's members' profiles. So if the profile visibility of all members is set to private or Upwork only, the Agency won't be discoverable in search engines.




Hi Andrea,


I read this elsewhere but my previous agency was indexed even though my profile has always been on Upwork only. So I created a test agency to see if it would be indexed here: https://www.upwork.com/agencies/~011250660bfac9c1a3


You can see that it is indeed indexed by googling 'Snuffaluffatiger', even though my profile has been on Upwork only the entire time. So how does one operate an agency without it being indexed?





Hi John,


You can switch to your agency account and go to profile settings. From there, you can adjust your agency profile visibility. I also checked that you also have another post requesting to close the test agency you created. I'd like to confirm that that agency has been closed per your request. 

~ Joanne
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