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ID Verification

Good day,

Can you please reconsider my ID Verification since I couldn't go to government ID to get a valid ID since Modified Enhance Community Quarantine is currently implemented to our region in Philippines. I have two (2) government issued IDs right now. One is Philhealth ID which cannot be accepted by Upwork and the NBI Clearance. I have a NBI clearance but it had expired last July 2020. I was not able to renew right now because of the pandemic. Please reconsider it as I have a future projects to my previous client. I do not want my account to be hold.

I am hoping for your kind consideration.

Community Member

Hi Vincent,


Thank you for your message. Please submit the NBI clearance. For the expiration date, indicate any date in the future and our team will review.

Mike J.

I will go back to you if they still reject this. I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you so much! I appreciated your help.

Good day Mike J.,

The upwork help center told me that my account will be put on the temporary hold. I might be having a new contracts with my previous client. How can I work on it if I will be put on hold. As what I said, offices are still closed and I wasn't not able to renew my NBI clearance or get a government-issued IDs. Is it still possible to work on my upcoming contracts or give me consideration for it instead?

Thank you for being responsive!

Hi Vincent John,


I can see you have an open ticket regarding your account hold and your concern is being escalated to the appropriate team. Please allow some time for our team to review and get back to you directly on your ticket.



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