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If anyone needs to know anything, ask me.

Hello new freelancers! If you have any questions, I'm here to help. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I will do my best to provide you with a solution.

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Hey Abu,


I'm André, a veteran "oDesk" Upwork freelancer in the Virtual Assistant field.


I had a long break from the platform since it wasn’t very rewarding for me. There were a lot of clients that took advantage of us, paying rates like 0.50/hr back then.


I've been back for a few months now. I had a one-off job that's still on-going, but I need some assistance getting new clients and securing a top rated badge for myself. I'm looking to go full-time on Upwork. 


Could you be so kind to help a fellow freelancer out?

I'd love your assistance or any mentorship that you could provide for my long-term success. 




How can I get my first order on my Upwork account?

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