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Impossible to get an invite or land a job

I am still trying to figure out if it is actually possible to get a job on here?  Is there any other advise except for fine tuning my profile . Should I reduce my rates ? Work for virtually nothing?  I am pretty confident I can perform.  I have been offered "on-site" jobs 90% of the time after going for an interview so I know it is not my abilities .  Can someone help? 

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Be patient and persistent. I know it is hard. It took me about 4 (!) months to land my first job but from that point on the workflow has been pretty steady (knock on wood). What I did was tweak my profile and my cover letter pretty much every time I did not get a job I applied to. I also tried to send my proposal during the first 5-10 minutes after a client posted a job (in my sphere of work half of the clients make a hire pretty quickly). I do have to say that the first few jobs I did were paid much lower than my usual rate but at that point I felt I would do anything just to get some work history and feedback on my profile. Don't give up!

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