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In confusion about ending contract

Greetings to all

I am not not new bee but I am returning here on upwork after four year. so my querry is about a contract which was completed in 2016 but not ended from client side yet. At that time I sent email to clients to end up if no work is there but he left as it is. so it is still showing under work in progress. Can I end that contract from my side? if yes how? will it bring any negative impact on my work profile? please.. give me suggetion.



Jitendra Indave

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jitendra,


If a contract has become idle, it is generally best to ask your client to close it and, ideally, leave feedback for you. However, maintaining longer-term contracts with satisfied clients that have been in place for three months or longer can improve your score. These longer-term relationships count positively toward the JSS even before they are closed because they indicate client satisfaction. On the other hand, if a client is not responsive and the work has been completed on the contract, it is better for you to close the contract.

Please keep in mind that when you, as a freelancer, close a contract it will be immediately considered in your JSS during the next update. When you leave a contract open and inactive, the impact to your score takes longer to appear (typically a few months). In both cases, the impact may be the same, but the timing is different.

Feel free to check out this help article to learn more about JSS.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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