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Infuriated at customer support

I have been trying to upload a profile picture and contact customer support for 30 minutes. 1. I've tried 6 pictures and none of them meet the standards. I don't know what else to try, but this is preventing me from publishing my profle.


I tried to reach customer support and submit a ticket, and I keep getting a round about answer, sent back to this community page, and cannot get any direct line to actually emailing customer suppoer. WHAT IS THIS?! This is the worst set up I've ever seen. My time is valuable, and I've spent the better half of the past hour just trying to figure out how to reach an actual person. 

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Hello Brittany,


Could you please send us a screenshot of the error you are getting when you are uploading your photo? Can you please also try to crop your photo to include only your head and no more than shoulders, resize it to around 200-300 pixels, make sure you are facing the camera and if you are wearing glasses please don't have the sun/any bright light reflecting from them because it can affect facial recognition. You may also read this article to help you upload a perfect profile photo. Thank you.

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