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Inquiry on Job Posts with "unverified payment method"

I would like to ask if having an "unverified payment method" means that a job is a probable scam. Thank you.

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Hello, Not all Unverified Payment methods are Scam. Sometimes there is a new client who is looking to hire someone. You have to have a good eye to recognize whether the job is real or a Scam. Lastly, you can ask the client to add a payment method as well. 

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no . its normally when come clinets post jobs on different freelance platforms so they can be unresponsive sometimes but if you any client talks about the job and tries to hire you so say client to deposit the payment to Escrow for verification then start the work .. but its a suggestion to not apply unverified jobs if the client finds freelancer some other platforms so the client will probably not response and your Connects will get wasted .. 

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