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Interview on Skype?

I am new to upwork and have been sought ought twice by what appeared to be 2 different jobs, only to find that each time, I've been told there is a man (the same man) online and wanting me to contact him on Skype for an interview.  Is this normal?

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re: "Is this normal?"

It is normal when dealing with scammers.

Who are trying to steal your money.


It is not normal when dealing with real clients.


Upwork prohibits freelancers from communicating with potential clients via Skype until an official Upwork contract is in place.


Before you have been officially hired, you need to communicate using the Upwork Messages tool.

You can be suspended or otherwise penalized for violating this rule.

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Normal for scammers. 

You can do a number of things to steer clear of scammers. First, know and keep the rules, especially not communicating outside of upwork before hire.

Second, having a professional profile appearance. At this time, you are falling short. I can see that you found upwork and thought, hey, that sounds like fun, I like writing, seems an easy way to make money, maybe somebody will hire me, but I really don't care one way or the other, so you put together a few sentences about yourself, and hoped for the best.

This is simply not how it works. If you are at all serious about this, you need to learn marketing skills. You need to address your client and his needs. Finally, you are saying you don't like grammar Nazis. Do you know what this term means? You are telling people you don't care about errors and spelling mistakes, is that really what you want to tell potential clients?

There are tens of thousands of writers on upwork. If you want to compete with them, you need to up your game. 

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