Interview through texting: scam?

Hello Everyone,
Has anyone ever been interviewed through texting? Skype I understand. Is texting a scam like Google Hangouts? I've never used Google Hangouts so I'm afraid I have no basis for comparison.

Thank you
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Katherine,


I can confirm our team already took action against the client you communicated with and removed them from the platform. Please stop communicating with them, review the freelancer resources and safety tips we compiled, make sure never to start working without an active contract on Upwork and only accept payments through Upwork.



The method of communication is no guaruntee of a scam, or not.


It comes down to what the client is asking of you.


If the clients asks for free work, personal details or to pay you through any method other than Upwork, then it is a scam.


If the client is willing to set up and fund an Upwork contract, then it is less likely to be a scam. 

Google Hangouts = scam


interview through texting: not necessarily a scam

Hi Katherine,


It's a little bit more legitimate for a client to want to get in touch via calling your phone than via Hangouts — some of them will need to get in touch with you quickly and without warning, and calling is the best way to do that.


That said, a client's insisting on texting over using the Upwork app is a little shady, because there's nothing you can do via texting that you can't do via the app. Since you seem to be a new user, and are thus a likely target for scammers, you're right to be suspicious.


Personally, I never communicate with a new client outside the Upwork app. There's really no need to. If you're at all suspicious, politely tell the client that you prefer to use the app. No reasonable client will have a problem with that. If they insist on texting ... they're probably not legit.


Hope this helps!