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Has anyone ever been asked to meet for an interview on site? (i.e. a face-to-face brick & mortar interview)?





Yes Meghan, I interviewed yesterday. That was a good experience. They just asked for basic information about profile to verify it. So, nothing to worry about. 


It was my understanding this site is for remote work. Why would I need to communicate off-site and meet in person with someone to verify information in my profile? I would appreciate any insight as I seem to still be confused. 

Hi Meghan, 

This is the first time I'm seeing this request, but I can see that you applied for a job with a U.S. location requirement. I think the reason why the client noted this on her job post is to be able to work with a freelancer who is in their location. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you may reach out to your client and ask to do an online interview first, so that you can ease into the "getting to know" stage. 

Just to add, job posts with a U.S. location requirement are used by clients who may require localized knowledge (like legal or marketing projects), the possibility of on-site coordination, or specific compliance needs that make it easier to work with someone in their own country.

~ Avery

Thanks Avery! Your response makes complete sense - however the client requested to connect via gmail/cell phone right away so I wanted to cover my bases. 


Also, your name is magnificent! 



Hi Meghan,


Jobs can include an on-site component, provided they meet our other policies and payment is completed on Upwork. If you'd like to receive a confirmation, feel free to share the specific job and client's request with Customer Support and we'll be able to advise if they are in line with Upwork ToS. Additionally you can check out this Post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs, thank you.

~ Goran
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