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Invites Sent and Unanswered Invites

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Shaira G Member Since: Aug 15, 2017
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Good day!

I always check the "Activity on this Job" whenever I send a proposal just to know if they already hired someone or still interviewing. 

What I don't get is what are the Invites Sent and Unaswered Invites? Are these from the client or the freelancers? 

I hope you can differentiate the two Smiley Happy

Thank you so much


Community Guru
Samrat C Member Since: Jun 1, 2016
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"Invites sent"- From the client to the freelancers.

"Unanswered invites- The number of Freelancers who did not repond to the invites sent by the client.

"Interviewing"- The client interviewing the number of freelancers.

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Shaira G Member Since: Aug 15, 2017
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Thank you sir Samrat for answering in a simple yet clear way


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Tooba H Member Since: Jun 12, 2018
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Okay so i applied for this job. And the employer messaged me sending a file confirming if i could do it.

My question is, the recieving of this message is 'being hired' or 'interviewing'?


Is there any special notification confirming that you are now hired?

Im sorry if the question seems lame but i am confused about this.

Thanks in advance!

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Tooba,


A client needs to send you an offer, you may accept it if it suits you! Once you have a contract with the client you can start working on it. When working on Upwork, please make sure that you have a contract with a client before doing any work, and ensure that they have a verified billing method so that the work you do can be covered by Upwork Payment Protection. If you have any questions feel free to follow up in the Community and we'll gladly help you with them.

~ Bojan
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Abhishek T Member Since: Apr 16, 2020
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if i am submitting a proposal for a job how do i know if my proposal was seen by the client or not?

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Abhishek,


Unfortunately we don't have an option at the moment that will show you if your proposal was viewed. Once your proposal is accepted a message room will be created and you will be able to communicate with your client. Thank you.

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Val M Member Since: Feb 18, 2019
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Hey guys,

So is there a possibility to have that option in the near future?Smiley Happy

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Robin S Member Since: Aug 23, 2017
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Hey Shai, some clients search the freelancer database for freelancers, and they sometimes send "invitations to interview" to freelancers who they feel fit their needs for their project. "Invites Sent" is the number of interview invitations that a client sent to various freelancers, and "Unanswered Invites" are the number of "invited freelancers" that have yet to respond to their invitation to interview. Much success, Robin

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Shaira G Member Since: Aug 15, 2017
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Thank you so much, Sir Robin for differentiating the two

Appreaciate it.