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Im new to upwork. I got my first job which I completed successfuly.

I wasnt aware about a tracking feature on Upwork, hence i didn't track my hours. I explained the problem to the client and he happilty disabled 'manual hours' request i sent to him.

He was really pleased with the work i did and said he would pay and would also leave a great feedback. I closed the job myself this Friday and left a feedback for the client. 

My 'get paid' schedule shows that my next payment is due on Wednesday, the 1st. Am just wondering if the client will be billed automatically or does he have to do it manually, as I didn't use the tracking. Would he get a notification that I closed the job?

Many thanks,


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Hi Yulia,


Please read the article below for more information regarding hourly payment/invoice on Upwork:



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Hi Yulia,


If this was an hourly contract then you are required to track your hours or you won't be paid.  If this was a fixed price contract with a prefunded milestone then you need not worry.  If none of these, it is up to the client whether or not they will pay you in the form of a bonus.

Yulia, if you entered manual time, this will be charged to the client automatically on Monday for this current week's hours.


You are NOT required to use the tracker, but not using it means you lose all protection against any disputes or if the client's payyment method fails.


In future also try and get the client to end the contract rather than doing it yourself, so you are sure to get feedback.

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