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Is Upgrading to Freelancer Plus Helpful?

I am just thinking to upgrade freelancer plus plan to get clients.


Should i buy it or not?


Please let me know.

Thank you

Amir Khurshid

Hi Amir,


Thanks for reaching out. There are many perks when you upgrade your membership to Freelancer Plus. It can help you more effectively market your services, submit proposals, and stand out from the crowd. When you upgrade to a Freelancer Plus plan for $14.99 USD a month, you'll receive the following:


  • You’ll be visible. We keep your profile active, even if you take a break
  • You’ll gain insight. See what bids your competitors are making on a posted job
  • You’ll get help engaging with clients. You’ll get 80 Connects per month (70 included with your plan purchase, and 10 free from Upwork!) to help you find great new projects
  • You’ll stand out. We’ll give you a customized profile URL so clients can remember how to find you
  • You'll get free coaching. Attend Upwork coaching office hours
  • You'll pay no freelancer fees when you bring new clients to Upwork. When you bring a new client to Upwork you'll pay 0% in freelancer service fees on your contracts with them (they must not have an existing Upwork account)
  • You'll have access to an exclusive Freelancer Plus group. Learn from and network with your peers
  • You'll get your skills certified faster. Skip the line for Upwork Skills Certifications
  • You can keep your earnings private. Want to keep your earnings confidential? You can with Freelancer Plus!


Just keep in mind that you'll have to pay to upgrade to Freelancer Plus. It isn't a guarantee that you'll land a project, but it helps with your efforts in making yourself visible to more clients by having more Connects to submit proposals.

Here are a few Upwork Academy courses to also help you get started:
Additionally, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.
We hope you find these online resources useful in your Upwork journey.

~ AJ
Community Member

The plus plan won't help you get clients, and it's actually cheaper to just buy connects when you run out.

Thank you for letting me know this 

Amir Khurshid
Community Member

It may be in your interest to keep your earnings confidential, in that case the Freelancer Plus plan is useful. Other than that, I haven't found the plan to be useful.


Besides, I found it very depressing to see how little money other freelancers were asking for their job. That's the main reason why I stopped paying for it: too depressing.

I got your point.

Amir Khurshid
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