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Is a profile picture required or optional

1.Is a profile picture required or optional?

2.Can I upload a temporarily blank picture?  


It seems I can't save my profile because it says something along the lines of "profile picture is required" before I can save the profile info.  It makes it seem like having a profile picture is required  : /


Hello James,


Your profile photo can be rejected in case it is not clearly showing your facial features. You can check this help article for our profile photo guidelines.


Thank you.

Pradeep H


Okay. So how do I get in contact with someone?

Hi James,


May I know your query please? I can look for the best solution here for you and will forward your concern to the support team if we need further investigation.


Thank you

Pradeep H


Hi, One of my friends has recently created an Upwork account but it says that a profile picture is mandatory. She is a muslim and does hijab and is not comfortable sharing her picture publicly, however she can provide the verification of ID whenever required (since it is confidential). I have read your comments in different posts where you have told people to inbox for resolving the issue, please tell me what's the procedure in order to get an exemption from uploading the profile picture. Thanks.

Hi Adeem,


While profile photos on Upwork must be an actual picture of you showing your full face, we do allow for certain exemptions including the one you've described for your friend. You may advise her to either post on this Community requesting the exemption or click on the "Get Support" button at the bottom right corner of this page to get assistance.

~ Luiggi

Since you need work and show that you are interested in what you are doing, i guess is required.