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Is it an unsuccessful job if I end a contract?

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Mary B Member Since: Mar 27, 2017
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I have a very nice client who had trouble getting his payment verified on his contract.  So, he opened a second contract on another account and asked me to close the first contract.  I have completed the work, and it is paid.  He has been kind enough to write a nice review.  He says that he was unable to end the contract.  Can I end it without it reflecting badly on either him or me?  It looks as if there is $20 in escrow which would need to be returned to him, yet the contract says "payment not verified" and somewhere Upwork told me it was "unfunded."  Again, now the whole transaction is complete on another account, so both he and I are very satisfied with the transaction.


Thanks for any help on this!


M. Blake

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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That's confusing - if he had his payment method verified to pay you on one job, he should be able to close and pay you on the other job as well.


Clients (and freelancers) are not allowed to have more than one account ... so you may want to contact customer support about this.


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Mary B Member Since: Mar 27, 2017
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It wasn't his account; it was the account of a close associate.  He tried to straighten out the problem on his account.

We had agreed on Friday that I would do the work, and he said that he would start the job on Monday.  It was a fixed-price job, and by the time he got the offer to me, I had it nearly finished.  He encountered a probem while trying to extend the offer I believe, and told me about it.  He said he would go to the bank at luch and try to get it straightened out.  I believe that he did do that.  Anyway, finally he succeeded in getting the offer through, and it showed $20 in escrow, so I accepted even though it said payment not verified.  (Because the money was said to be in escrow, right?) The Upwork warned me about the offer, so I explained to him what I was seeing, and he saw it too... didn't know how to fix.   Of course he was eager to see the work... so he opened the contract under the account of a close associate.






Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Mary,


Please note that clients are not allowed to create duplicate accounts and freelancers are strongly advised against accepting an offer or starting to work on a contract if the client's payment method is unverified. This doesn't mean you won't get paid for the contract you completed but note that Escrow funds are covered by Payment Protection if the payment method used to fund the Milestone is verified.


Please check the freelancer resources we compiled and tips for avoiding questionable jobs, for more information about working safely through Upwork.


The initial contract you closed won't affect your Job Success Score, unless you have a pattern of contracts with the same outcome or your client leaves private feedback on it, which would be included in your score's calculation.

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Mary B Member Since: Mar 27, 2017
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Thank you, Vladimir.  I think I understand now, and I appreciate your help!