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Is it just me or opening an Upwork account now is nothing but a waste of time

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It has always been the case that the vast majority of the people who open an account never win a job. 


For those with the in demand skills who create stunning profiles with outstanding portfolio items and know how to sell themselves, it is not a waste of time.

Sadly, the majority of newbies lack the soft skills and the ability to run a business, so they will fail. Either because they can't win a job in the first place, or because the way they run their freelancing business leads to poor feedback and the profile crashing and burning.


You need to fix all the mistakes in your overview and your portfolio, and remove that nonsense "I reserve the right to keep all completed orders saved in my portfolio to use sample pieces unless you explicitly request otherwise." - By Upwork's terms of service all right pass to the client the second they were paid for, unless the client specifically agreed otherwise. Something like that will also put clients off. 

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Hi Aliyu,

Those who are facing problems while creating an account needs to do some research or have to work on their skills & portfolio

Definitely, it's up to you how you spend your time & UpWork is not responsible for your time you spend...


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