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Re: Is it possible to connect n26 account to Upwork, even though I don't live in Germany?

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Tjasa J Member Since: Dec 1, 2017
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Hi everyone,

is it possible to connect n26 account to Upwork through "Local Bank"? I've heard I can only use banks from my country (Slovenia) , but I don't have a bank account here.

I see some people managed to do that a few years back.


Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Tjasa,

It`s best to add a payment method available in your country so that you your sure that you will receive your funds. Also in the case of a delay you can consult with your local bank right away. Thank you!

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Tjasa J Member Since: Dec 1, 2017
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Hi Goran,



thanks for your answer. I know this, but I currently don't want to open an account in my country.
I'm just wondering if connecting n26 is possible?



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Evgeniya M Member Since: May 3, 2018
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Hey Tjasa!


It is possible to connect your n26 account to upwork.

Just change your billing method to Germany, write your n26 data and wait.

When your billing method approved just change your location to Slovenia again.


I did it when I stayed in Brasil.


I hope it helps.




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Jelle P Member Since: Aug 17, 2020
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When I try to set up my account it asks for the Swift number of N26. When I asked N26 where I could find this they said they are not part of the Swift system. How did you manage to get around this?