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Is it worthwhile for Translators??

Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to Upwork, I've applied to a few translating jobs but with no luck.

I see many people who are going through the same thing on the forum. I am beginning to wonder if at some point freelancers start getting breaks or whether Upwork is too saturated with translating freelancers to the point where, no matter how qualified, you won't land a real project because there are just too many experienced translators out there with big profiles, etc. 

I just wanted to know what everyone else's experience is - whether it's just a matter of time or if it's a rare thing to be able to build a career here. Not wanting to be discouraging! Just want to get a realistic perspective from professionals who have been here longer, to adjust expectations... 

Thanks guys!


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It's very tough to become succesful, and even tougher for new translators. Plus, so many of the translating posts are scams. Read this to help keep you safe: https://community.upwork.com/t5/New-to-Upwork/List-of-red-flags-for-scams/m-p/1017044/highlight/true...

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Hi Leticia,


Just wanted to say don't give up! I'm a translator aswell and have been on Upwork now for 2 months and I had a few translation jobs. It are small jobs but these jobs help you with building up a nice profile. Keep on going and indeed watch out for scammers, these are unfortunately very active at this moment. 

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