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Re: Is my profile is professional? Please rate!

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Muhammad H Member Since: Mar 13, 2019
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Hello, community!


I'm struggling to find a good professional profile of me but I'm a student hobbyist and don't have a business profile so I would much appreciate if you rate my profile and let me know if it is good or not.


Community Guru
Lila G Member Since: Dec 4, 2017
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Farhan - few things that may help.


1. Rethink your title. Think like a client. If someone is searching for 3D modeling freelancers they are not going to find you immediately. Your title should be the most important keywords under your category. See what others are using as their titles and re-word it. If anything the last portion in your bio is what you should have placed "I'm a AAA Modeller, 3D Sculptor, 3D Game Designer, Real PBR Texturing artist, Motion Graphics, UI/UX Designer (2d Illustrations)."


2. The most unprofessional thing and easiest to fix are spelling mistakes. Right away I saw 'modelling' repeatedly constantly, it is only with one L.


3. Don't repeat your name in your bio, it already huge in your profile.


4. You say you have 6+ years but then say you're excited about getting 'portfolio'. That sort of contradicts one another. You're either starting or you're season designer with 6+ years of professional experience.


5. Last and most important thing for designers on this site is PORTFOLIO. You don't have to gain jobs to make awesome portfolio pieces. If you have extra time, make your own pieces and build up your portfolio with lots of amazing pieces that demonstrate your skills - that is how you gain jobs.




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