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Is the aforementioned scenario doable on your platform or no!

Hello and wish you all stay safe ,
I am contacting you to inquire about the possibility to post a job as a client/employer on your esteemed platform and see if it is doable or not . Also to get more info about your terms, conditions , asked fees if applicable and all the related matters. Here is the job's details :
- I would like to setup my new limited liability company ( let us call it company A) in Hong Kong with the help of a company that acts as a company incorporation service provider( let us call it company B)
-The B company's main business is to help in setting up new companies in Hong Kong for foreigners and locals too and provide extra services such as virtual and private offices ...etc
- I want company B to help me to set up my new company A .
- I want to be protected by paying the company B on your escrow platform their fees.
- I want to pay against the new company A's authenticated , apostilled documents and to be delivered to me .
- I am Jordanian citizen residing in Kuwait.

The question is : Is the aforementioned scenario doable on your platform or no!

Regards ,
Adnan Al.
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You mean you want to pay only when the new company is founded? No, it doesn't work like that, you need to input a valid payment method when you post a job, latest when you hire somebody. 

You might find consultants offering the services you require on upwork, probably not too many, but if I were you, I'd hire a local lawyer to set it up. 

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Upwork does not set up LLCs or other corporate entities.

Similarly, Upwork does not create websites or write blog articles.


However: Upwork can be used by clients to find, hire and pay freelancers who do such things.


If you would like to move forward with your project, you CAN use Upwork effectively. Create a job posting asking to hire freelances as consultants using an hourly contract. In the job posting, you could post all the details about what you want to do. Or some of the details. Or only a few broad concepts: "I want to hire a consultant to talk to about setting up LLCs which will operate in Hong Kong, Kuwait and Jordan."


You may hire consultants using hourly contracts without committing to paying them any more money than it will cost for the time they spend talking to you. So that can be very affordable. It is not a big committment.

Also, there are companies which have attorneys, accountants, business consultants, etc. on staff that specialize in setting up LLCs and other corporate entities. Such companies offer flat fees for specific services. Ultimately you may end up using one of those companies to accomplish your goals. But even if that is eventually what you do, you may benefit from hiring consultants to talk to you more about how to accomplish your goals.

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