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Re: Is there any way or option to get a coupon/promo code when purchasing connects?

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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Most of the time, the title tells the gist.


I want to know that how to get promo/ coupon codes for purchasing connects, Basically the connect cost is a little bit high. Is there any way? 



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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Shihab, if $10 plus membership is too expensive for you, you're out of luck. It's not such a bad deal, you get a nice, custom profile URL and you get to see bid ranges, if that interests you, plus 10 connects. After that, it's still $1 a connect, so not such a great deal if you need more than 10 extra. Remember too, freelancers can be expelled for being too unsuccessful with proposals, so it's better to find ways to be more successful with the free connects you start with instead of buying more. 

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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Hi John K,

I really became failed to make you understand. I was not talking about $10 Plus Membership, I already own that. Actually, I was asking about & only for the way of minimizing connect's cost.


Obviously $1 is not a big deal but when I need $60 perday to purchase the connects then it will be a deal, isn't? Now you may thinking that why I need to purchase 60 connects perday. Yes, there is reason, Without having a JSS, probably no one will going to hire me anymore, do you?


Yes, you are right. I am really Out of Luck!!, because I already have finished 7 jobs successfully but yet I have not received any JSS & I have ever seen the badge named "Rising Talent". No Luck



John K

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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If you need 60 a day then you're doing something wrong. The thing you need to realise, as with anything in this world, is that if you need something enough to pay for it, then you should pay for it. If you don't, then you shouldn't.


There's nothing wrong with looking for ways to minimise costs, so I salute you for looking into it, but as you're now aware that you're not going to be able to get those connects for less than $1.... then you need to ask yourself, is the cost of extra connects worth the benefit of having those extra connects? Keep in mind that there are other ways to get more work than just submitting more proposals. 

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Shihab-Ul H Member Since: Aug 20, 2016
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Hi Scott E,

Many many thanks for your valueable reply. Believe me, I already have calulated over the matter. But really I am out of luck! From 4/26/2017 to 5/02/2017 I have applied for 35 jobs. I got only one interview, really funny but its true, the client has no proper information to provide me to start the project, she don't have wp-admin access & other related information. So, how can I start the project! Whatever, for rest of the 34 application I have not get invitation for interview. But I am confident to provide them better service. 


I stay in front of Upwork at least 15 hours a day. I always submit proposals on that projects for which I am perfect. I always refresh "Find Jobs" & as soon as I see my skills related project, I start writing proposal. When I finished submiting then I can see the total proposals amount 20 to 50. I don't know where is my serial. I always thinking that is really clients see my proposal & I also think that if therer any chance to choice me whithout having any JSS?


Sometimes, I ask myself, why I have not a JSS, where I am doing wrong, What is my lacking, How much time I have to strugle?



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Ken C Member Since: Apr 6, 2018
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35 tries with one reply, those are not good odds.

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Joseph B Member Since: Jul 19, 2018
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but to pay 35 dollars for a 3-5k job?  it's well worth the investment.   I understand that if you are dumping 60 connects for a single job your probably doing something wrong but think about some of the high paying gigs people are going after.   i currently am handling 5 or 6 1500-2k jobs.  it's a good deal.

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Barbara W Member Since: May 26, 2018
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Hi, I am interested in knowing where the high paying jobs are? I think I am looking in the wrong place.

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Paolo Emille L Member Since: May 7, 2019
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You seem to be very good in the jobs you were doing. I just started upwork and I am really looking forward on it but the thing is I do not have anymore connects and I do not know where to start.


Those small values to buy the connects is a big value in our country.


I hope**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Muhammad J Member Since: Jul 28, 2017
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Yes, i raised this issue to the Upwork already that, Upwork keep giving
atlest 15 connects free a month.

cause, who have no client or no income then how they will apply to job.
Definitely u have to switch to freelancer dot com or fever etc.

another thing is, even if i agree to pay $12 for 80 connect but how can i
pay,..? i dont have credit card and our country debit card not working
online due to restrictions. that is another problem

Upwork have to consider this request and give atlesat 15 or 20 connects
free each month to start and boost the new commerce otherwise, losing
talent and talent will switch to alternate.