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Is there anything I am doing wrong? please help.

Hey Everyone,

I am a Web developer and was doing good—getting good work, invites to work on the different project till April but for past couple of months, it stopped completely not a single good invite or anything. The jobs I am applying to is laying inactive. Is there anything I am doing wrong or missing or anyone else going through the same. Please help.


Rupan, you may not be doing anything wrong.  Sometimes Freelancing can be either feast or famine.


However, upon quickly reviewing your Profile I noticed:


1.  3 jobs supposedly still in progress; including 1 that began Jan. '18 and one back in Nov. '16.  If they're not really still in progress and aren't closed, they'll eventually hurt your JSS.


2.  I also saw several Public Ratings less that 5; 2 of them within the past 2 years, and 1 within the past couple of months.  Unfortunately when Clients don't rate us highly publicly they don't rate us high privately.  Oftentimes they rate us even lower privately.  That also negatively impacts JSS.


Perhaps you're relying too heavily on Invitations.  It's your business, Rupan, go after those jobs you're interested in that you believe you can do well!  

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