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Is this legit or a scam

I have applied for a project on Upwork

See link:



I was invited for an interview on Facebook chat with **Edited for Community Guidelines**

He asked me 5 questions and after I answered he immediately gave me the position.


However he says it is law in **Edited for Community Guidelines** that I must have a work permit otherwise I cant get the position and that I need to pay 24 dollars for this permit. Here is the whole explanation. I asked my husband to look at thei website which he says is for their company and he says it looks legit but I am worried that this is a scam as they are asking for money.


I also see that the poster of this project is not on Upwork anymore:

**Edited for Community Guidelines** does not currently have access to Upwork and will not receive messages until access is restored


Can you please confirm for me why she is not able to login into Upwork anymore and if this project is valid.


Kind Regards

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chantel,


Please note that you're required to be hired through Upwork in order to start working, need to accept payments only through the platform and should never pay in order to start working. The client you communicated with was removed from Upwork by our team yesterday for violating Upwork ToS. Please stop communicating with them, review the safety tips and freelancer resources in order to work successfully through Upwork.

~ Vladimir

Thank You very much. After I got your reply I told the client on Facebook that I am not interested and he harassed me until I reported him to Facebook and block him altogether

@ Chantel V.:  You would have saved yourself some hardship by following Vladimir's advice which was: 


"...Please stop communicating with them, review the safety tips and freelancer resources in order to work successfully through Upwork." 



Asking your husband to look up a website, and he says it is legit?


That is very much NOT how this works.



You need to understand that scammers look up names of real companies and company employees on the Internet. Then they feed those names to newbie freelancers, so that they can trick the freelancers into sending them money.


When you find a website that "looks legit", that is often an indicatator that you're dealing with a scammer.


Looking at a website that looks nice is NOT a way to see if a client is "legit."


You need to use the information available on Upwork. Is the client payment verified? Did they fund escrow? Did they send you an official "Hire" offer? Do you have a contract with them?


Googling a client name or looking at an external website means nothing.