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Issue with Get Paid

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Khurram S Member Since: Apr 7, 2021
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Hi, I have created my freelancer and agency account recently on Upwork. I have the following queries and issues:

1. My freelancer profile has only User Settings, the others are not there. No billing method option, get paid, tax, etc. While my agency profile has all of those.

2. Billing method setting is only available on agency settings and that too is not accepting my named cards.

3. How will I be paid if I work as a freelancer not as an agency, as no option in settings to add my local bank.

I am quite perplexed regarding the onboarding. Please provide me with solutions and assistance.




Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Khurram,


1. As you set yourself to be an Exclusive member of your agency, the pages were not accessible due to the status itself. Now that you changed your status to a Non-Exclusive member, you should be able to see all the pages that were missing.


2. Goran already replied to your thread.


3. Same as #1, you should see the 'Get Paid' page now. Also, remember that in order to get paid, you need to complete the W-8BEN form which is used to confirm you’re not a U.S. taxpayer, and that Upwork is not required to withhold taxes from your earnings. You can do that from the Settings > Tax Information page.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar