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Issues with PayPal Payment Method Setup

I wish to add PayPal as my Payment Method, however upon setup, it does not allow me to change the email associated with my PayPal account. My PayPal account has not changed. I am a new Freelancer with a new PayPal account. Unfortunately I was not able to register a PayPal account using the same email as I entered for UpWork registration, and therefore had to register my PayPal to a different email. How do I get around this?

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Community Manager

Hi Marie, 


Your details on Upwork match your PayPal account information. You can try updating your Upwork email address with the email address that matches your Paypal account. An alternative would be registering a new Paypal account with the email address you used on Upwork. 

You may read more about using Paypal as a payment method here. 

~ Avery
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