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JSS declines


Hope you people are safe!

Today JSS updated and my score declines by 6%(94% to 88%). I don't know the reason behind this. I haven't closed any contract in two weeks. I have one closed contract few weeks ago with "No feedback given". Please guide me, is it the contract with No feedback which hurts ?

Secondly, I have a top rated perk, do I need to use that perk or wait for next update ? If I will not get back to 90% after next update do I need to maintain 90% for another 16 weeks to get top rated badge ?

Thanking you in anticipation.

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Hello, I also wonder about this, since my JSS declined today from 95% to 86%, I have one long-term contract and one that was on pause (it's probably because of the paused one). Given this I was also removed from the Top Rated program.

Finding work has been an imposible mission these past few weeks, given the situation with Covid-19, so this comes very discouraging in this time of crisis.


Everyone stay safe and at home

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