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Job Cancellation

When Any Client cancel the job upwork need to give back the connect used for it. it will be a waste because 1 job from 2 whom i apply was closed by clients.

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Hello Devyang,


If a project is cancelled without forming a contract with any freelancer, the Connects used on that proposal will be returned for you to reuse. You may learn more about how Connects work here. Thank you!


I dont get my connects back when a job is cancelled by client without any interview and hiring.

Hi Devyang,

Connects are returned to you when a job is cancelled by the client. You can check this by clicking on Connects History under the Reports tab.



Already checked that. it doesnt show anything regarding job which i was talking. i got mail about that job cancelled by client.

Hi Devyang,


Can you please send me a PM with a screenshot of what you are seeing on your end as well as the title of the project you are referring to so that we can check? Thank!

~ Joanne

Forget it. i will close this now. i dont think this will give connects back.

Hi Devyang, 

We would like to be able to assist you and look into the job that you are referring to. If you can share more information via a private message, I'll go ahead and check if the connects you used for the job post can be credited back to your account. 

I would like to clarify that only connects are only regurend when the job without hire is cancelled by either Upwork or the client. You can find more information here.

~ Avery
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