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Job Offer Expired

Hi, I'm new to Upwork and need some advice!  I hired a freelancer and he started work for me over a week ago.  I had set up my payment method in Upwork (credit card) and also set up milestones.  The first milestone ended on Sunday and I received an email on Monday saying that my job offer to my freelancer has expired.  He received the same message.  Upwork advised me that the money that was being held for this milestone has been refunded to my credit card.  I'm not sure why this happened.  Am I supposed to indicate somewhere in Upwork when the milestone has been reached?  Is there a tracking system somewhere?  Thank you.  Sheryl

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It means your freelancer did not accept the offer and essentially worked without a contract.


Send a new offer and tell your freelancer to accept it...


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Community Manager

Hi Sheryl,


Welcome to Upwork! Petra shared correct information with you. Please go through this Help Article and find out how to make an offer and hire a Freelancer. You can post a job, verify your payment method, review proposals you receive, send an offer and hire a freelancer to complete this work for you, and process the payment as explained here. I'd also strongly recommend you to review the client resources we shared here. Let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance.

~ Bojan
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