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Re: Job Post Removed

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Ahmed S Member Since: Nov 20, 2019
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I have created and posted a job request successfully, yet few minutes later, I have received an email that my job post have been removed as it was interpreted as a job post was requesting unpaid work from a freelancer. I don't really know why Upwork system recognized my post in that way. 

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Ahmed,


I checked your account and our team has already reached out to you via ticket with more details about this. If you have any additional questions feel free to follow up on your ticket and our team will assist you further. Thank you.


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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It is very difficult to create automated algorithms which "read" human-written text and come to proper conclusions. Upwork does its best, but its automated algorithms are not perfect.

So there acan indeed be "false positives" which result in a job posting being flagged or blocked or removed even though the job posting does not violate any Upwork ToS.


This has happened to me as a client. Sometimes I have posted jobs which were removed or blocked, even though they did not violate any Upwork rules. I was able to re-word them to avoid problematic phrases or words, and successfully post a job and hire freelancers.